From benchtops to non-slip surfaces, we supply only the highest quality components, to bring you a kitchen you’ll love to be in.

We do different types of kitchens from melamine, timber and foil wrapped. Bench tops from formica to acrcylic and granite

We Make A Full Range Of Joinery

  • Cabinets
  • Doors
  • Windows and sashes
  • Shelves

The options

Low Pressure Laminates:

Low Pressure Laminates (Melteca and Laminex) are very durable, scratch and moisture resistant. Available in extensive colour and finish choices.

Solid Timber:

Solid Timber provides a natural and warm feel. The use of different timbers creates varying patterns and textures.

Arboform Premier Gloss:

The deep and lustrous finish rivals that of high gloss lacquer but with the long lasting and hardwearing properties of thermoformed doors with over 30 colours in the gloss range.

Arboform Premium Themowrapped Doors:

Extremely long lasting, durable surface which is chip and stain resistant and easy to clean Over 80 contemporary and woodgrain colours and more than 40 styles.


Lacquer (or two pot Lacquer) Is a paint finish in various gloss and surface finishes to any colour. This sprayed on surface is durable and fairly hard.


Draw and cupboard fronts and edging can create an effective industrial look.


Timber Veneer:

Stained or natural, is a thinly sliced layer of natural timber factory laminated onto a base substrate (veneer board) and sealed with 2 pot lacquer.